Israel Aerospace Industries, Czech Ministry of Defense Sign Contract for Sustainability and Maintenance of MMR Radars

This radar provides high-quality aerial situational awareness and has been integrated into top air defense systems

Photo: IAI

Israel Aerospace Industries and the Czech Ministry of Defense signed a contract for the sustainability and maintenance of the Czech MMR radars. The contract is valid for 20 years and includes Czech companies that will be responsible for a wide range of processes as local subcontractors.

The contract included industrial cooperation between Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and local Czech companies RETIA and VTU. The MMR Radar is the world’s most operational system that provides high-quality aerial situational awareness. 200 MMR radar systems have been sold worldwide, and integrated into air-defense systems such as the Barak, David’s sling, and Iron Dome.

The radars can handle multiple operations conducting different missions at the same time: air defense against aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and drones, artillery ranging against various enemy targets, identification and localization of enemy rocket, artillery, and mortar fire – and all this while identifying the firing and expected target location, and guiding interceptor missiles against these threats.

“These systems will provide the Czech Republic with the most advanced protection for its citizens,” said Eyal Shapira, VP& GM Air Defense & Naval Systems division, IAI ELTA. “The advanced Czech Republic radars can simultaneously identify and classify hundreds of targets, detect unmanned platforms, missile barrages, rockets, and other new threats in the arena."

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