Elad terrorists apprehended after three days

The latest in the string of terror attacks took the lives of three men on Thursday evening, as Israel was celebrating its 74th Independence Day


Elad terrorists apprehended after three days

Security forces following the deadly attack in Elad on Thursday. Photo: REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun

Three and a half days after the deadly terror attack in the Israeli city of Elad, which claimed the lives of three men, and following an extensive manhunt, Israeli security forces finally managed to capture the two assailants, who were hiding in the woods near the attack location. 

The latest in a string of terror attacks took place on Thursday evening – during Israel’s 74th Independence Day. 19-year-old As’ad al Rifai and 20-year-old Subhi Abu Shqeir, Palestinians from the West Bank village Rumana near Jenin, carried out a fatal attack using axes and knifes, which cost the lives of Oren Ben Yiftah – a driver who brought them to Elad and was murdered at the end of the ride – and of Yonatan Havakuk and Boaz Gol. Combined, the three left behind 16 orphans.

"Our enemies have embarked on a murderous campaign against Jews wherever they are. Their goal is to break our spirit but they will fail. We will get our hands on the terrorists and those who aid and abet them, and ensure they pay the price,” said Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett during a security consult held immediately after the attack.

Following another security consult, Defense Minister Benny Ganz instructed the defense establishment to extend the closure in Gaza and the West Bank, reinforce and support police forces in patrols and searches for the terrorists, and employ the means necessary at crossing points and other areas in order to prevent the terrorists from escaping and traveling to the West Bank.

Days before the attack, Hamas leader in Gaza Yayha Sinwar called on Palestinians and Arab citizens of Israel to commit attacks against Jews – by gun, knife or axe. There is now a general discussion going on in Israel whether Sinwar, who already has the blood of dozens of Israelis on his hands, should be eliminated by the IDF.

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