RAFAEL to conduct firs ever live demo of its ABS system

Demo to take place during the IT²EC Exhibition in London. The company will also present its advanced air defense training and simulation tools

RAFAEL to conduct firs ever live demo of its ABS system

Photo courtesy RAFAEL

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. will participate at the IT²EC Exhibition in London conducting a first-ever live demonstration of its sophisticated ABS System – a Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) solution which is also being unveiled for the first time at a global exhibition.

In addition, RAFAEL will present its advanced air defense training and simulation tools, most notably the Air Defense Optimizer (ADO). Both the ABS System and the ADO have a long-standing operational legacy.

As a multi-domain LVC solution RAFAEL's ABS creates a comprehensive scenario at all levels of operation. The ABS integrates and links together all elements of the given scenario from a command and control headquarters straight to the live soldier. It also allows for joint-level and multi-national exercises which connect all military branches: army, air force, navy, intelligence and special forces. RAFAEL's LVC solution provides the ability to truly exercise a real-life scenario from every possible dimension and includes a highly capable constructive system.

RAFAEL's ABS is supported by an advanced doctrine engine which allows automation of real-time doctrines and Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) on every level of the military echelon. The doctrine engine integration allows for a range of operational behaviors to be simulated from that of the individual soldier to the brigade level. The ABS capabilities are all operational and working 24/7 during exercises.

The Air Defense Optimizer (ADO) provides mission planning and rehearsal capabilities, assisting decision makers during real-time operations and enabling them to train using "what-if?" scenarios. The ADO is combat-proven and enhances multi-layered air defense capabilities by providing AI-based optimization of air defense array deployments and in-depth analysis tools based on high-fidelity simulations. The ADO utilizes AI algorithms and high-fidelity simulations to provide the modern air defender' with tools to make accurate and effective decisions.

Other solutions that will be demonstrated include extended reality and game-based simulations as well as integrated weapon-system trainers that assist in creating well-trained air defenders that can operate, maintain, plan and make real-time decisions while ensuring that systems remain operationally available.

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