Seeing through walls: Camero-Tech launches the XLR40 imaging systetm

According the company, this innovative system enables the detection of live objects behind walls at a distance of more than 50 meters

Seeing through walls: Camero-Tech launches the XLR40 imaging systetm

Photo courtesy of Camero-Tech

Camero-Tech, a member of the SK Group and an Israeli developer, producer, and marketer of pulse-based UWB micro-power radar ‘Through Wall Imaging’ systems, announced the launching of its groundbreaking XaverTM LR40 (XLR40) system, which detects live objects behind walls at distances of over 50 meters.

According the company, the new system, which expands the XLR family, is particularly compact and can be carried by an individual operator, giving an operational advantage to ground forces in a hostile environment.

"We are excited to announce the release of the new XLR40, which joins our long-range XLR systems,” says Amir Beeri, CEO of Camero. “This compact and lightweight system provides tactical intelligence in a variety of operational scenarios from a great distance, while maintaining minimal friction with the target. Its many potential use cases include: in a dedicated vehicle moving quickly from point to point; behind camouflage in the performance of covert missions; or from apartments or rooftops near the target location." 

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