IAI to supply remote patrol vehicles to British Army

The contract was awarded under a UK Ministry of Defence program to obtain unmanned vehicles capable of supporting troops and limiting their direct exposure to threats

The IDF's Jaguar unmanned ground vehicle, made by IAI subsidiary ELTA. Photo: IDF   

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has been awarded a contract by the British Ministry of Defence to deliver four remote patrol vehicles (RPVs). The Shephard Media website said that IAI won the contract together with its British partner Marlborough Communications Limited, and that the contract is part of the second spiral of the UK MoD's RPV experimentation programme.

According to the website, the new contract will support further experimentation and capability development for land operations. The aim of Spiral 2 is to deliver RPVs capable of supporting personnel and limiting their direct exposure to threats.

The RPVs, designed and built by IAI’s subsidiary ELTA, are billed as "robust, versatile multi-purpose/multi-mission platforms" capable of supporting ground personnel and strengthening force protection on the battlefield, the report said.

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