Switzerland to spend about €2.1 billion to develop its military

More than 780 million euros of the budget will reportedly be allocated for the purchase of command and communication systems, armored vehicles, simulators, and nuclear, biological and chemical protection systems 

Photo: Swiss Armed Forces

The Swiss National Council, the lower house of the country's Federal Assembly, recently approved a budget of approximately 2.1 billion euros to develop the armed forces of the Central European country.

German website esut.de reported that the council plans to invest about 782 million euros in the coming years as part of the 2021 armament program, with €235 million for the purchase of command and communication systems, €390 million for armored combat vehicles and trailers, €110 million for nuclear, biological and chemical protection systems, and €47 million for simulators.

In addition, €707 million is to be invested in the purchase of personal equipment for soldiers, ammunition, cyber and IT systems, while €575 million will be allocated for the construction of logistics, training and command infrastructure for the Swiss Air Force. There will also be an undisclosed investment in environmental protection and climate control, according to the report.

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