Report: the punishment for espionage for Hamas is six years in prison

Rajab Dacha, a resident of Lod, photographed sensitive facilities, including police stations, a military base and an Iron Dome battery, in Israeli territory in 2019

Rajab Dacha.  Photo: Israel Security Agency communications division

According to a report by the Ynet website, Rajab Dacha, a resident of Lod, who was convicted of contact with a foreign agent, assistance to the enemy in time of war, and membership in a terrorist organization, received a sentence of only six years in prison. During this period he is expected to receive a stipend from Hamas and may even be given a reward when he is released. 

According to the indictment, in 2019, Dacha photographed sensitive facilities in Israeli territory, including police stations, a military base and an Iron Dome battery, and even transferred information on locations where missiles fired from Gaza landed in Israeli territory.  

"In a hearing held on Sunday at the district court in Lod, attorney Gilad Erlich said to the panel of judges, 'We are talking about a Hamas espionage network within the boundaries of the State of Israel. Due to his personal circumstances – his mother is an Israeli citizen - the accused was allowed to travel between Gaza and Israel, and he chose to engage in activities that undermined the security of the country and assisted the enemy in war,'" according to the report. 

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