Caracal unveils new pistol and rifle

The second-generation Caracal F Gen II pistol and the CSA 338 Semi-Automatic rifle were displayed at IDEX 2021 

Photo: Caracal

Caracal, a UAE-based small arms manufacturer, launched two products at the IDEX 2021 exhibition in Abu Dhabi: the second-generation Caracal F Gen II pistol, and the CSA 338 Semi-Automatic rifle.

The company said in its announcement that the Caracal F Gen II builds on the strengths of its 9mm pistol predecessor, with a low bore-axis and unique handling ergonomics. There is a new "solid slide" integrating multiple components and giving the pistol improved performance and ease of maintenance. An optional modified slide, allowing the addition of advanced optics like reflex sights, is also available. The polymer grip frame has a MIL-spec Picatinny rail, allowing for simple adding of multiple accessories, Caracal said. 

According to the company, the unveiling of the CSA 338 Semi-Automatic rifle highlights Caracal's growing technical sophistication. Through effectively merging two rifle concepts – a designated marksman rifle (DMR) with a 338-calibre sniper rifle into a highly precise semi-automatic weapon – the CSA 338 reinforces the company's strong focus on innovation. The weapon features high-caliber ammunition and builds on the success of the bolt-action CSR 338 sniper rifle - fusing it with a DMR concept applied to an 8.6 x 70-calibre weapon, said Caracal. 

The CSA 338. Photo: Edge

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