Cypriot paratroopers use Israeli weapons

During snowy winter training, soldiers from the Mediterranean island state were seen firing Micro-Tavor assault rifles and Negev light machine guns, mounted with Meprolight sights

Screenshot from video released by Cypriot Ministry of Defence:

Army units in Cyprus have been equipped with weapons and electro-optic devices from Israeli companies IWI and Meprolight, as shown in photos published by Greece's website, and in a video released by the Cypriot Ministry of Defence.  

In training conducted by paratrooper units from the 33rd Mechanized Infantry Regiment of the Cypriot Army during February 2020 in the snowy Troodos Mountains, the soldiers were shown firing the Micro Tavor X-95 assault rifle, Negev light machine gun and 40mm grenade launcher, all made by IWI. Electro-optical devices made by Meprolight, such as the M5 sight, the GLS sight and the x4 telescope, were seen mounted on the weapons.

IWI confirmed that these weapons had been sold to the Cypriot army.


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