US: Rafael to complete delivery of 'Trophy' systems for Abrams tanks by end of year

Lieut. Col. Daniel Ramos, project manager for vehicle protection systems, made the comment to Janes. The deal includes the equipping of four tank divisions for the US task force in Europe.  


Rafael Advanced Defense Systems will complete delivery of "Trophy" active protection systems for US Army M1 Abrams tanks this year. But the Army still lacks funding and there are "technical challenges" to equip other Army units with other systems (meaning the "Iron Fist" of Elbit Systems).      

The comments were made to the Janes website by Lieut. Col. Daniel Ramos, project manager for vehicle protection systems, at the online Association of the US Army conference. Regarding the Trophy systems for Abrams tanks, Ramos said that the Army is acquiring systems for four brigades, and if everything goes according to plan, Rafael will complete the supply by the end of the year.    

As for the supply of active protection systems for Bradley armored vehicles, Ramos said, the Army still needs to equip one brigade with Iron Fist systems, which are the preferred system for this unit of armored vehicles. But, he added, the Army is waiting for additional budget in order to continue the process of development, testing and assessment of the system, and has still not received funding to acquire this system.          

Janes adds that the Iron Fist system has capabilities similar to those of the Trophy, namely interception and destruction of threats such as low-cost anti-tank guided missiles and anti-tank rocket-propelled grenades.

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