Webhose links up with OSINT provider Signal to offer data breach detection

By jointly discovering new leaks and breaches, the companies aim to provide organizations with early warning of potential threats 

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Israel's Webhose, a leading provider of data from the open, deep, and dark web, said Wednesday it has joined hands with Signal Corp, a global provider of Open Source Intelligence, to advance the data breach detection service for Signal and their new LERTR early warning solution. 

The partnership is expected to help Signal provide early warnings of possible impending data breaches to enterprise organizations across a wide range of industries, significantly shortening the time between a data breach is detected and an organization's response time, thus mitigating losses in terms of resources and reputation.

"Data breach detection is an essential component of cyber threat intelligence in a digital world in which data is growing exponentially. We are proud to partner with Signal to help defend against these threats for organizations around the world in multiple verticals by revealing compromised data from dark web marketplaces, discussions, forums, and chat messaging applications," said Ran Geva, co-founder and CEO of Webhose.

Webhose delivers comprehensive coverage of the open, deep, and dark web by turning unstructured web content into machine-readable data feeds. Enterprise organizations choose Webhose application program interfaces for a wide range of cybersecurity, financial analysis, market research, web monitoring, AI, and machine learning applications, the company says. 

The LERTR offering provides Signal Corp customers with necessary early warning through customized alerts using Boolean logic, a system of mathematical logic that can detect potential security threats such as data breaches and alert security teams in real time. The data for these alerts is delivered by Webhose's comprehensive data breach feeds that include an automated data engine that constantly streams these feeds to discover new leaks and breaches, Webhose said.  

The new LERTR offering focuses on cybersecurity threats and has a number of precise applications, including prevention of credit card fraud and identity theft; identification of PII data such as credit cards, passwords or medical records; and the discovery of stolen goods or counterfeit products for sale. In addition, according to the Israeli company, security teams can now efficiently monitor communications between threat actors on dark web forums and stay ahead of evolving threats.

"The partnership provides us the opportunity to further expand the capability of our Signal and LERTR products to help organizations reduce the risk associated with potential data breaches," said Wayne Forgesson, CEO of Signal Corp.

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