Controp to supply advanced observation system to Vietnamese Navy 

The Israeli company developed a system providing a complete solution to the ships by ensuring continuous observation even under harsh conditions. It will be installed in the new ships of the Vietnamese Coast Guard currently being built

BIGSTOCK/Copyright: Vacilando

Israel's Controp company will supply the Vietnamese Coast Guard with lightweight advanced naval observation systems. Controp, specializing in developments in the electro-optic and infrared fields, was chosen to supply the ISEA-25HD to be installed in in the new ships of the Vietnamese fleet being built by L&T shipyards in India and Hong Ha  shipyards in Vietnam.  

The system of Controp provides a complete solution for ships: it is a gyro-stabilized system promising continuous observation and clear visibility under harsh conditions, and it is robust enough to operate in conditions of fog, humidity, high salinity and splashing. The system includes digital and mechanical capabilities, long-range observation, sensitive sensors and a thermal imaging camera. The system can be utilized for search and rescue operations, law enforcement at sea, defense of territorial waters operations against pirates and illegal fishing, and special operations. 

Controp CEO Hagai Azani said that the company's systems were specially developed according to customer demands for operations in a maritime environment. Controp products are in daily use in a number of critical projects of advanced observation capabilities in various locations around the world.