Elbit Providing Cyber Intelligence, Security Solutions for Critical Networks

The Israeli defense company offers a range of cyber security technology including the most advanced cyber training and simulation platform available today

Israel's Elbit Systems is playing a key role in the cyber sector as a leading provider of cyber intelligence and advanced cyber security solutions, an executive of the company said.  

During his speech on June 18 at the "CybertechLive: Intelligence in the Cyberspace" event, Tzahi Levi, director of business development for Elbit's C4I & Cyber division, said the company has more than two decades of experience in the cyber security domain. Elbit was a sponsor of the online conference. 

"We are the leading cyber intelligence provider for the Israeli community, both intelligence and military community, providing large-scale projects for many of the law enforcement agencies and military organizations in Israel, and we have experience in protecting dozens of military and government critical networks," he said. 

For example, he said Elbit delivered more than 100,000 endpoints for protecting critical networks within the Israeli military and defense community. 

As far as its overseas business, the executive said Elbit carried out a large and successful project in a country in Central Europe where it set up a cyber academy program and added a security operation center. The company is currently running phase 2 of that project.  

In addition, Elbit deployed a large-scale cyber training program in a very advanced country in Southeast Asia with a 4-geographic-location training facility including eight simultaneous classrooms with IT and OT scenarios, according to Levi.  

He also said Elbit is progressing to phase two of a large-scale project for an electricity company in Africa where it deployed a full security operation center, with connectivity to more than 40 substations of the customer including IT and OT, providing both Elbit's IT products and the partner's solutions as part of a comprehensive cyber solution for the customer.

Elbit's Cyber Intelligence division deals with the domains of government, military and critical infrastructure, "all categorized as having a strong risk level, most of these organizations are targeted by advanced threat actors," according to Levi.  

The company's comprehensive cyber security solution includes an advanced cyber suite, including Elbit's cyber products and partner products within its solution; a comprehensive and advanced cyber education program where it provides both a cyber training facility and advanced cyber courses to train customer personnel on new threats in cyberspace; and operational expertise, including training, maintenance and support, Levi said. 

Elbit establishes a full security operation center using its products and partners, protecting IT and OT infrastructure for the customer, and very importantly the cyber education and training program including training facility and frontal courses and certifications. 

As far as its products, the company delivers Cyber Range, a cyber training and simulation platform that is "the most advanced cyber training and simulation platform available today" that is used by the IDF and by dozens of customers including leading universities and other customers who train government and military personnel in many countries in Europe, Asia and America, Levi said.  

It also offers Endpoint Security, an endpoint detection and response (EDR) product that includes behavioral analysis of big data analytic pool, and an OT security solution based on OT traffic monitoring and risk analysis for the entire industrial OT network.

Elbit, the largest defense company in Israel, has more than 17,000 employees worldwide. The company had $4.5 billion worth of sales in 2019 and it currently has a backlog of $10.4 billion.