GPS Security Firm infiniDome Secures $1.6 Million in Funding

Company recently announced world’s first GPS cyber-attack detection and protection geared toward commercial and consumer vehicles

GPS security firm infiniDome secured $1.6 million in Seed funding, the company announced this week.

The Israeli company provides front-end cyber solutions protecting against attacks of GPS based systems, which are critical for autonomous vehicles, drones, connected fleets and critical infrastructure.

Recently, infiniDome announced OtoSphere™, the world's first GPS Cyber-attack detection and protection solution, tailored for commercial and consumer vehicles.

“Closing this Seed round of funding is key to infiniDome’s continued penetration of the UAV/UAS, Fleet and Critical Infrastructure markets,” said Omer Sharar, infiniDome’s CEO. “We now have multiple units sold in 20 countries and are looking to aggressively grow our worldwide base of customers, distributors and strategic partners.”

Among the investors participating in the Seed round include Boundary Holding of India and Luxembourg, Next Gear Ventures from Israel and Aston Partners of New York. 

“We have been working closely with infiniDome for the last year and a half, using our experience and close relationships with local and global automotive partners to help them realize their product, market fit and growth potential,” said Tal Cohen, Next Gear Founder and Managing Partner.

“infiniDome provides unique solutions based on its proven, innovative cybersecurity technology for the transportation industry, connected fleets, mobile, and critical infrastructure. Combined with an outstanding team, technological advantages, and multiple end-market growth opportunities, we are confident in infiniDome’s potential for success,” he added.

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