Coronavirus Treatment Developer Gilead Reportedly in Crosshairs of Iranian Hackers

Hostile actors using Iran-linked hosting servers and web domains are said to have repeatedly attempted to breach Gilead's systems. The US company's drug is the only one proven to help COVID-19 carriers


Photo: Reuters

US pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences, considered a frontrunner in the race to develop a coronavirus treatment, was the target of repeated attacks by Iranian hackers over the past few weeks, according to reports.

It was not known whether the company's systems had been breached. Unidentified cybersecurity researchers were quoted by Reuters as saying that the hackers used Iran-linked hosting servers and web domains.  

Gilead has been in the spotlight recently as its drug Remdesivir is the only treatment proven to help COVID-19 carriers. The US Food and Drug Administration recently authorized emergency use of the drug to treat severe cases.

On May 5, the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre and the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency issued a joint advisory warning that medical research organizations and healthcare bodies have become main targets of nation-state hackers amid the coronavirus crisis.


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