Israel Said to Carry Out Attacks in Syria; Hezbollah Missile Depot Reportedly Destroyed

The strikes attributed to the Jewish state are seen as the latest indication of an intensifying effort to counter Iranian entrenchment in Syria

Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Israel was reported to have carried out a pair of attacks against pro-Iranian forces in Syria on May 1, with one said to have targeted Hezbollah missiles stored at an army base deep inside Syrian territory. 
Syria's state media said shortly after midnight that Israeli helicopters operating in the Golan Heights fired missiles at several positions in southern Syria. An opposition group, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), reported that the attack targeted pro-Iranian militia positions in the suburbs of the towns of Dar'aa and Kuneitra, near the Israeli border. Other foreign reports said the attack targeted Hezbollah observation posts located inside Syrian army bases. 
Later in the morning, Syria's state-run news agency reported that a series of explosions were heard in the area of the city of Homs, located north of the capital Damascus. The local governor was quoted as saying that the blasts apparently came from an ammunition dump inside a Syrian army base east of the city. He said the base was apparently attacked but it was not clear who was responsible. The SOHR said an Israeli attack had destroyed a Hezbollah missile storage facility located inside the base.  
Video filmed near the base showed a mushroom cloud rising from the scene.
Four previous attacks against targets in Syria during the past month, including an April 27 strike that reportedly targeted advanced Iranian weapons, were also attributed to Israel.