Thousands arrive as Cybertech Global opens

Participants from around the globe came to Tel Aviv to enjoy the first day of the Cybertech Global, which features a large exhibit hall and many international networking opportunities. Cybertech Global in pictures – Day 1

Thousands arrive as Cybertech Global opens

Photos: Gilad Kavalerchik

Cybertech Global 2020 opened its gates today (Tuesday) at the Expo Tel Aviv conference center. This is the seventh year in which the annual event is held, in cooperation with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Cyber Directorate, The Economy Ministry, The Energy Ministry and several other national bodies.
Day one of the conference’s three, the main exhibit hall was opened. International firms, including tech industry giants, have set up their booths. The first day of Cybertech Global 2020 was host to two special events: FrontierTech and CyberMed. 

FrontierTech gave the stage to speakers from leading organizations in the deep tech field. One of the speakers was scientist Dr. Orna Berry, who spoke about the great importance of quantum mechanics. Dr. Berry said quantum mechanics is a new field of study - one that could explain various phenomena, including biological ones. Dr. Berry gave the example of how people smell. She added that a change in just one molecule can affect our receptors and change smells. Dr. Berry continued, saying that other quantum mechanics-derived innovations could also affect the cyber, defense, and navigation fields, among others.   
A Frontiertech panel featured a discussion of quantum computing. The participants were unanimous in their belief that a commercial quantum computer was still at least a decade away. 

CyberMed’s stage was graced by leading figures in the tech and medical fields. They discussed the oportunities and dangers that face medical institutions as they integrate technology into their practices – with a particular emphasis on cyber. Among the speakers were Professor Rivka Carmi, Prof. Varda Shalev and Dr. Nathalie Bloch, who discussed the advantages of using AI, machine learning and big data in medicine – as well as the challenges of doing so; Roberta Hansen, Director of Product Cybersecurity at Abbott, who spoke of the collaboration between security researchers, medical device manufacturers, doctors, regulators, and patients; and Senator Pierre Medevielle of France, who spoke about medical ethics in the digital age.
This year, more participants have come to Cybertech Global from the US than any other country. There are also large delegations from Canada, India, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Bulgaria, Singapore, Panama, Norway and other countries from all over Europe.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will send a special video message to be featured at Cybertech. The Israeli leader has delivered a keynote address at several Cybertech conferences in recent years. 
Among the speakers at Cybertech Global 2020 will be MK Benny Gantz, former IDF chief of staff and current chairman of the Blue and White party; and MK Nir Barkat, former mayor of Jerusalem, who established a cyber company in the 1990s and was among the first investors in CheckPoint (along with his brother). The head of the National Cyber Directorate, Yigal Unna, will present new statistics on Israel's cyber sector. Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz will be the guest of honor at a special launch event held by the Israel Electric Corporation's cyber division, led by CEO Yiftach Ron-Tal and Director-General Ofer Bloch. 
Heads of intelligence organizations from around the world will also come to Cybertech Global, where they will hear from speakers such as former Israeli Security Agency (ISA) Director Yuval Diskin.
Giant Companies and International Events
The speakers will also include senior executives from giant global companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Deloitte and Lockheed Martin. Hundreds of startups will be among the hundreds of companies participating in the main Cybertech exhibition. China set up a large national booth, but representatives of some of the Chinese companies were not able to attend due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus that led to the cancellation of official business trips from the country.
Among the special international sessions taking place at Cybertech Global 2020 will be a meeting, led by Israel's Communications Ministry, of representatives from dozens of communications ministers and international media figures to discuss the topic of 5G technology and the implications of IoT (internet of things) for global telecommunications.
Other large-scale international sessions will deal with the topic of aviation in the cyber era, cyber defense of health networks and medical devices, the future of autonomous vehicles, and national infrastructure. The Israel Electric Corporation will unveil products it has developed, as well as its wide-scale work promoting international cooperation. In addition, the Israel Aviation Authority will hold a session on cyber defense of aviation that will be attended by airport officials from around the world.
Cybertech Global, which was founded in Israel, is now considered the world's largest network of cyber events, with conferences in New York, Indianapolis, Rome, Singapore, Africa, Panama, Tokyo and Bangkok. 
The founder of Cybertech, Amir Rappaport, said that "The rapid growth of the cyber industry and the Cybertech event as a giant global meeting in Tel Aviv tells us that cyberspace is a revolution of historic proportions. A revolution that is changing the face of the global economy, as well as of all humanity. Israeli companies play a central role in this revolution by means of state-of-the-art technological development of cyber security, artificial intelligence, IoT, communications and computers. The record number of delegations from overseas attending Cybertech in Tel Aviv tells us that the pace of this revolution is increasing."

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