ISI: Construction of Iranian Base in Syria at ‘Final Stages’

New satellite images published by ImageSat International appear to show intensive construction work at the Imam Ali compound near the Albukamal border crossing with Iraq. ISI estimates that the base will soon be announced as operational

Source: ImageSat International (ISI)

A recently published report by ImageSat International (ISI) reveals progress in the renewed construction of the Iranian Imam Ali compound, located near the Albukamal crossing on the Iraq-Syria border.

ISI estimates that the construction at the base is “probably at its final stages and will be announced as operational shortly.”


According to ISI’s assessment, Iran would shortly be able to transfer equipment, weapons, and personnel from Iraq through the Albukamal border crossing into the fortified warehouses in the new military base.

New satellite images from ISI show several hangers inside the base, the largest of which is said to be capable of concealing trucks and large quantities of equipment. There are also checkpoints on both sides of the compound with fortified walls around the complex.

Israel has been said to attack Iranian targets in Syria several times in recent months, including the area of Albukamal, according to foreign reports. 

Last September, ISI reported that construction in the Imam Ali complex and the border crossing has intensified in an effort to overcome the setback caused by Israeli airstrikes.


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