IXDen Launches New IoT Security Solution

IXDen Launches New IoT Security Solution


Israel-based IXDen today announced its new “IXDen Smart Homes” product, designed to protect billions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices against cyberattacks, tampering, and data manipulation.

The fully automated solution will, for the first time, utilize behavioral biometrics on endpoint devices and will include multifactor authentication driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. According to the company, the new solution will protect a wide range of devices, including cameras, smart thermostats, smart routers, and baby sensors, and more.

Zion Harel, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of IXDen, said, “As more and more smart home devices hit the market place, consumers are increasingly opening themselves up to significant risk. These devices, which offer users the greatest of convenience also offer unprecedented accessibility to hackers who are increasingly able to infiltrate homes, stealing data and personal information, and even recording and filming users in their homes.  As this massive data breach highlighted, while there are many vendors providing home automation devices, there is a lack of accepted industry security standards to ensure that customers and their data are kept safe. Our innovative and unique solutions for securing IoT devices, enable our customers to secure their smart home devices, and gives them the peace-of-mind that their personal data and lives remain secured and private.”


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