UVision Demonstrated Hero Loitering Systems to an Asian Customer

The Israeli company demonstrated its Hero-30 and Hero-400EC loitering munitions. “This demo is an additional step in UVision’s expansion of its customer base in Asia,” said CEO Noam Levitt

Archive photo: UVision

UVision has demonstrated two of its Hero systems to a “strategic customer” in Asia: the multi-purpose warhead and extended-range Hero-400EC and the high-precision, light-weight man-pack portable Hero-30.

The demonstration, which took place in the customer’s home-base in front of high-ranking officers, proved the high precision strike to the target, the tracking and lock-on capabilities of the system on a vehicle in various operational scenarios, mission-abort capabilities, and parachute recovery, the Company said in a release.

“This demo is an additional step in UVision's expansion of its customer base in Asia,” said CEO Noam Levitt. “The successful live demonstration proved the remarkable capabilities of our systems. Both the Hero-30 and the Hero-400EC incorporate a high level of precision attack and abort capabilities. The systems are simple to operate and allow front-line forces to quickly respond with the ability to eliminate any immediate threat that arises.” 

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