IsraelDefense’s Best of the Year: The Analysts of the IDF Intelligence Directorate & IAF

Brig. Gen. (res.) Hannan Gefen, former commander of IDF Unit 8200, chose the analysts of the IDF Intelligence Directorate and the IAF, charged with spotting and identifying the Iranian activities in Syria

Photo: IDF

Unnamed soldiers, female and male, spend nights and days monitoring every Iranian move in Syria. Their incredible success provided the State of Israel with the ability to block and deter the Iranians in Syria. Thanks to them, Israel has won the appreciation and admiration of the inhabitants of the Middle East. In Syria, the forces opposing the regime – of which many exist and many will exist in the future – meticulously and happily quote every report of an attack attributed to the Israeli Air Force. In the Arab countries, they quote these reports as if they were a part of their struggle against the Iranians.

With infinite patience, through painstaking work, they collect and correlate the pieces, identify the changes and spot irregularities. They verify each building and identify each convoy. The accuracy and responsibility they demonstrated have provided the IDF and the State of Israel with a wide-open operating space, free of the risk of criticism or restrictions for inflicting damage on innocent parties.

This goes on from one shift to the next: work, handover and more work.

Most of them are regular service conscripts led by male and female officers who are only slightly older. Only a year ago they celebrated their high school graduation and today they bear the burden of enormous national responsibility.

They are the pillar of knowledge advancing ahead of the primary force. They are the foundation upon which the IDF and the State of Israel can build their deterrence and project their strength.