Commtact to Unveil New PTMP Technology at Singapore Air Show 2018

The new Point to Multi-Point (PTMP) technology enables a single Ground Data Terminal (GDT) to support multiple advanced networks from different platforms simultaneously

Image: Commtact

Commtact, a company specializing in the development, manufacture, and support of innovative communications systems, will present its new Point to Multi-Point (PTMP) technology for the first time at this year’s Singapore Airshow.

The Commtact PTMP technology is based on existing Datalink systems (DLS) and TDD architecture, to enable a single Ground Data Terminal (GDT) to simultaneously support multiple advanced networks from different platforms. The ground station uses a multi-sector antenna architecture which provides a 360° coverage of up to 120km (Line of Sight is required), to meet the demands of the modern Net-Centric Warfare (NCW).

Commtact's PTMP technology is available in several configurations designed to deliver solutions to a variety of scenarios in the arena. From Micro Data Link System (MDLS), especially designed for micro-sized platforms and sensors that are sensitive to size, weight, and power (SWaP), through the Advanced Mini Link System (AMLS), suitable for mini and small unmanned platforms, and up to the Integrated Data Link System (IDLS) for tactical aircraft, helicopters, and MALE/HALE unmanned platforms – all have the ability to interact with each other. The PTMP technology is also suitable for maritime use, as it enables a single vessel to act as the central controller of several vessels and platforms, and receive real-time data and video from all of them, thus providing a very significant advantage for the coverage achievable in the maritime arena.

"We are honored to present our high-end technological solutions at the Singapore Airshow," said Shai Palti, Commtact's CEO. "We recognize the importance of the Asian market with its enormous strength and potential, and believe that our products are well fitted for this market. Simultaneously supporting multiple advanced networks from different platforms, Commtact's Point to Multi-Point technology is able to connect any platform, anytime and anywhere, whether on the air, on the ground or at sea."

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