Baran Raviv Ltd

Baran is a global provider of engineering, technology and construction services. The company offers integrated project services, such as feasibility & conceptual studies, engineering & detailed design, environmental permitting, regulation & validation, procurement & contracting, construction & site management, project management and control, operation & maintenance and more.

Amit Industries Ltd

Amit Industries assembles and markets standard and custom-made battery packs, under the brand name of "Amicell", in a wide range of technical formats such as Li-Ion / Polymer, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd and more, as well as various charging systems.

Radix Technologies Ltd

Founded in 1992, Radix has grown from a computer network integrator to a developer and exporter of security system management and interactive control computer software solutions products, Radix is also a world leader in the field of instant crash-recovery, providing cutting-edge tools, advanced design flows and dedicated, professional service and support.

Orsus Solutions Ltd

Orsus is a pioneer and market leader in the field of Situation Management - a comprehensive and unique approach which coordinates interactions between people, technologies, and responses.
The company s Situator"! solutions gather and correlate information from multiple and diverse systems and coordinate the response actions, so as to ensure that everyone in the operational process knows what is happening and what needs to be done.


MindCite is a privately-owned, multi-national company operating since 2000 with an R&D center in Israel. The company transforms data to intelligence, in the Homeland Security, Competitive and Business Intelligence markets, using Artificial Intelligence, Semantic and Natural Language Processing.

Ex-Sight Systems

Ex-Sight is a leading producer of Video Analytics Software, providing global OEM development services, high-end Biometric Engineering, image processing applications and software development platforms.
The company operates and creates its products in accordance to the guidelines of simplicity, quality, and flexibility. Ex-Sight Systems products are designed to be flexible enough for swiftest of integration and customization to match the clients individual needs.

Bsafe Information Systems Ltd

Bsafe develops and markets data-security software products for IBM I (iSeries, AS/400), mainframe (zSeries) and for network security audit on multiple platforms. The company was initially a pioneer in mainframe security, offering previously unavailable security features to the VSE CICS environment.

Breeze Creative Ltd

Established in 2002, Breeze Creative Ltd. ("Breeze") is a dynamic and innovative production company specializing in creation of flexible, efficient, innovative and interactive content and products.
Breeze Creative delivers a wide range of cutting-edge, advanced technological solutions for visitor centers, tourist attractions, museums, content and movie production (2D and 3d, post production, etc), interactive media, simulator development and more. The company products include creation of 360 panoramic films, touch screens, flight simulators and more.

BES Electronic Systems

Since establishing the company in 1998, BES Electronic Systems Ltd. is engaged in a wide range of military programs and platforms throughout the world in the areas of Air, Land, and Naval systems.

ArtiVision Ltd

Established in 2004, Artivision provides wide-ranging and innovative computer-vision systems, solutions and services for video security as well as online video monetization, operating and serving a range of clients in the public and private sectors across the globe.
The company s security operations includes delivering of enterprise-class intelligent video solutions that aid government, transportation and commercial organizations manage video so as to enhance situational awareness and improve their business performance.


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