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Next Generation DDoS Attacks

As more organizations are now protected with high-capacity scrubbing centers and sophisticated local DDoS mitigation appliances, hackers have started adopting new concepts in addition to the old DDoS attack strategy

Dr. Yaniv Harel (Photo: Gilad Kavalerchik)

Preserving the Innovative Edge‏

International corporations swallow up start-up companies. How can they complete the process successfully and what are the implications for both parties? An interview with Dr. Yaniv Harel, General Manager of the Cyber Solution Group at Dell-EMC

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Can Israel Create more Cyber Unicorns?

Five cyber giants have so far emerged from the "Startup Nation." Considering the projected rise in the number and sophistication of cyber-attacks, creating even more cyber unicorns is crucial in building a formidable security ecosystem

The Ontario booth at Cybertech 2017 (Photo: Gilad Kavalerchik)

Ontario and Israel Partner on $20 Million Research Network

The program was developed to address industry challenges identified by multi-national enterprises in key strategic sectors. Cybersecurity in the financial services sector will be first area of collaboration

Photo: Gilad Kavalerchik

CyberTech 2017: Special Coverage

For the fourth consecutive year, the CyberTech Conference was a tremendous success, attended by thousands of visitors from around the world, including hundreds of senior executives from the private and public sectors
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