Yigal Unna at Cybertech Tokyo 2017 (Photo: Cybertech)

Netanyahu Names Yigal Unna as Next Head of INCD

Yigal Unna, who currently serves as Chief Executive Director of the Cyber Technologies Unit in the Israel National Cyber Directorate, will replace Dr. Eviatar Matania as Director General of the Directorate

Photography: Gilad Kavalerchik

Cybertech 2018 Will See Record Number of Companies

The Cybertech Tel Aviv Conference, which will be held on January 29-31, 2018, is expected to be larger than ever before. Thousands of people have already secured their place at the conference, which is considered the largest cyber event outside the US

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The Day After Zero Day

Regardless of the resources invested in cybersecurity, all organizations are exposed to hacking. That is why the real challenge is the "Day After"

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Piecing the Puzzle at a Tactical Timeframe

One of the most difficult challenges facing today's intelligence world is not the actual collection of intelligence, but the prompt processing and analysis of the data collected. The Cobwebs Company developed a platform intended to draw conclusions within a tactical timeframe. Special interview

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The Bit & Frequency War

In order to prepare for the bit & frequency war, the IDF C4I Directorate initiated a substantial revision of its peacetime and wartime operation. The objective – to provide the IDF, where most of the strike systems are based on computer systems, with operational latitude
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