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XM Cyber Launches Automated APT Simulation Platform

According to the company, HaXM uses advanced attack techniques to expose the most critical blind spots. It provides data-driven remediation that focuses on an organization's most critical assets, reduces its IT risk and enables it to optimize its cyber resources

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The Day the Cyber Threat became a Management Challenge

All of the latest cybersecurity developments notwithstanding, there is no hermetic protection against the cyber threat. There is, however, a proper way to manage the cybersecurity crisis. What should the managers do after the hack? What is the best way to prepare for "The Day After"?

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The Federal Affair with Cloud Services

Despite the security and risk management challenges, cloud services have become one of the leading products in government agencies around the world, primarily in the United States. How do they overcome regulatory obstacles and technology integration barriers?

From Cybertech LATAM 2018 (Photos: Cybertech)

Cybertech LATAM 2018: More than 1000 Attendees from 10 Countries

The 2nd Cybertech Latin America Conference and Exhibition was held on Thursday at the City of Knowledge in Panama City. Cybertech LATAM featured exhibition space for startup companies alongside the conference sessions, including a unique startup pitch contest
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