Vicarius Raises $30M Series B to Fuel AI Innovations in Vulnerability Remediation

Funding to fuel international expansion and accelerate the development of new AI capabilities as demand grows for autonomous solutions that find and fix vulnerabilities

Vicarius founders. Photo by Vicarius

Vicarius developers of vRx, the industry’s first fully autonomous end-to-end vulnerability remediation platform, announced a $30 million Series B led by cybersecurity investment. The company’s total funding, including investments from previous investors as JVP, is now over $56 million. The vulnerability management market, which is expected to grow to over $21 billion by 2028.

Vicarius is disrupting the market with fully automated and autonomous vulnerability remediation solutions that proactively reduce cyber risk for businesses. Legacy solutions create too many alerts and too much work for overburdened security teams.

According to research by independent analyst firm Omdia, traditional vulnerability management (VM) tools that enable enterprises to identify, prioritize, and remediate software security vulnerabilities have increasingly struggled to meet the needs of organizations embracing digital transformation. With an exponentially expanding attack surface, organizations are facing an exposure window of up to 60 days on average after a CVE is known. 

The capital will be used to accelerate the company's expansion at a global scale and support its growing base of worldwide customers, from North America to Europe. The funding will also further advance Vicarius’s AI roadmap and industry-leading pace of product innovation while continuing to support the company’s community initiatives such as vlabs, the R&D division dedicated to developing free security tools for the cybersecurity community.

vRx is the company’s flagship, consolidated vulnerability remediation solution that upends the traditional vulnerability management market and meets the needs of today’s organizations. Leveraging in-house AI technology, Vicarius automates much of the discovery, prioritization, and remediation workload plaguing security and IT teams.

Vicarius began AI integration with script generation using vuln_GPT, which creates detection and remediation scripts for vulnerabilities. With the new funding, the company will continue to innovate and integrate AI further into its product platform, eventually encompassing all modules, including prioritization and automation. This first-player move will help to eliminate the manual work of creating and implementing policies for applying patches as well as for Patchless Protection (when patches have not been developed or deployed).

“We are immensely excited to partner with the Bright Pixel team. Their wealth of experience will help us grow our company to the next level,” said Michael Assraf, CEO of Vicarius. “Vicarius is best positioned to take on the much-needed task of transforming the vulnerability management market from assessment to remediation. We are committed to growth and have been hard at work creating solutions that will be flexible to the changing AI landscape, all while staying core to our mission of protecting our customers from vulnerabilities.”

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