Smash Sights Used by IDF Infantry Units Fighting in Gaza

Among the units identified as using the sight are "Maglan" the special unit and the 51st battalion of the "Golani" infantry brigade

From statements given by the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, it appears that IDF infantry units operating and fighting in the Gaza Strip make extensive use of the Smash sight manufactured by the Israeli company Smart Shooter.

For example, IDF Spokesperson's Unit photographs identified the sight of the "Maglan" special unit of the commando brigade which raided a terrorist's house and located underground shafts near a school in the Shati neighborhood in the northern Gaza Strip. In addition, the spokesperson reported that the 51st battalion of the "Golani" brigade makes use of Smash sights to neutralize drone swarm threats launched at troops from the battalion.

 According to SMARTSHOOTER, the SMASH family of Fire Control Solutions offers precise, swift, and simple hard-kill elimination of UASs.  It put a precision anti-drone capability at the fingertips of its users, featuring built-in targeting algorithms that can track and hit even very small drones skimming along at high speed.

SMASH is a solution that brings all shooters to an expert level – even when countering small drones and UASs. Handheld operated, remotely controlled, or UGV mounted, the SMASH Family of fire control systems uses AI, computer vision, and advanced algorithms to ensure precise hit capabilities, enhance forces' situational awareness and lethality, and make sure that only the target will be hit and not any innocent bystanders.

SMASH Fire Control System (FCS) is an external add-on solution that can be integrated into any assault rifle. Once the user identifies the target (independently or using the detection system guidance) and locks on it, SMASH tracks its movements and synchronizes the shot release to ensure fast and precise hits on the target. Using computer-aided impact prediction processing, SMASH improves user situational awareness and promises precise, swift, safe, and simple hard-kill elimination of drone threats. SMASH can be operated as a stand-alone solution, as well as combined with other systems to provide an effective multi-layer defense solution.

SMASH allows connectivity with C4I systems, battle management systems, and external sensors. It can receive guidance from environmental sensors or detection systems, often enabling the systems to "see" the threat before the human eye can – especially in emergency situations, where every second counts.

The SMASH fire control systems are currently operational in various defense, HLS, and border security forces worldwide, spanning England, Europe, the USA, India, and others. Early 2018, we reported in "IsraelDefense" that the IDF purchased approximately 2,250 Smash sights for the infantry brigades and elite units in the IDF and they are mounted on the M4A1 and Tabor X-95 assault rifles.

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