Uganda to receive Turkish armored vehicles: report

Turkish company Otokar will supply the East African state with 100 Arma 8×8 and Cobra II 4×4 tactical wheeled armored vehicles, the report says. But Otokar denies that Uganda is the customer 

The Arma 8x8 and the Cobra II 4x4.  Photo: Otokar reported that Uganda is the African customer that will take delivery of Arma 8×8 and Cobra II 4×4 tactical wheeled armored vehicles from Turkish defense company Otokar.

In October, Otokar announced that it had signed a contract to supply 100 Arma 8×8 and Cobra II armored vehicles to an African country which it declined to name. It marked the first contract for the export of the Arma 8×8 to an African country. Delivery is scheduled to begin in early 2021 and be completed by the end of 2022. 

Meanwhile, in a press release issued on Tuesday, Otokar denied that Uganda is the customer in question and claimed that it has not yet been authorized to publish the name of the country. The company confirmed that it is indeed the first sale of the Arma 8×8 to a country in Africa. In the announcement, Otokar stated that the order for the two types of armored vehicles is valued at about $110 million, and that delivery will begin in 2021.

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