Elbit Equips Seagull Drone Ship with New Anti-Sub Sonar System

The TRAPS-USV technology reportedly enables the remote-controlled vessel to detect, classify and track submarines. The Seagull is already said to have such capabilities as electronic warfare, reconnaissance, maritime security and mine countermeasure missions


Elbit Equips Seagull Drone Ship with New Anti-Sub Sonar System

Photo: Elbit Systems

Israel's Elbit Systems said on April 14 that it has successfully equipped its Seagull unmanned surface vessel with a new anti-submarine sonar system developed by the company's subsidiary.

The announcement came after the company conducted sea trials of the Seagull with the Towed Reelable Active Passive Sonar for Unmanned Surface Vessels (TRAPS-USV), which was recently unveiled by Nova Scotia, Canada-based Geospectrum.

The TRAPS-USV, a compact variant of the TRAPS technology for detection, classification and tracking of submarines, has the original system's long-range sonar capabilities. The unique advantage of TRAPS is that its projector array is reelable and stows on the winch drum with the receive array and tow cable, which eliminates the need for a dedicated active over-boarding system, thus saving space and weight, according to Elbit.

The sea trials included multiple deployment and recovery, towing at different speeds and transmission at various power levels. Integration of the TRAPS-USV enables the Seagull to perform anti-submarine warfare operations, substantially extending its operative range and further enhancing its flexibility, Elbit said.

The drone ship is also said to be able to detect, identify, and neutralize mines as well as perform underwater survey, maritime security, surveillance, reconnaissance and electronic warfare missions, among others.

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