BLER Unveils Maritime Intelligence Platform to Increase Seaport Security

The system provides seaport security officers with a unified investigative platform to detect terror threats and criminal activities

BLER Unveils Maritime Intelligence Platform to Increase Seaport Security

Illustration: BLER Systems

BLER Systems, an Israeli developer of innovative security and cyber intelligence solutions, revealed its Maritime Intelligence system for the first time at the Milipol 2019 exhibition that took place in Paris last month. 

BLER’s Maritime Intelligence platform is purpose-built to increase seaport security and enhance operational efficiency with OSINT capabilities. The intelligence-driven, big data platform collects information from social media, dark web, deep web, and all existing port systems. The system generates real-time automatic alerts and a wide range of threat assessment reports.

The platform allows seaport security officers to collect information from a wide range of OSINT sources, analyze big data information from dynamic online sources, and receive accurate and up-to-date information from public records and databases.

AI-based threat detection capabilities allow users to identify criminal and security threats based on investigation activities and area of interest, build activity timelines to reveal suspicious behavioral patterns, and use Natural Language Processing to extract entity and categorize the threat.

The system detects anomalies related to vessel communication systems and destination, and distributes automatic alerts via SMS to seaport security personnel.

“Seaports face many potential security threats and risks from incoming vessels and vehicles, to personnel, crewmembers, and cargo within the containers,” says Uri Boros, BLER Systems CEO. “The solution we have developed, which is already being used by the biggest port in Israel and other customers around the world, is able to generate a comprehensive snapshot of current security situations, identify threats and provide real-time alerts. When a crewmember has been radicalized, or a vessel has docked at a terror hotspot, the system will alert on it. The Maritime Intelligence lets seaport security officers assess risks and make informed decisions on authorizing port access.”


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