UVID 2018 Conference: Unmanned Systems in New Domains

Over 2000 people from around the world participated in UVID 2018 – the 7th International Conference on Unmanned Vehicles. Dozens of companies showcased their systems and technologies in a major exhibition of unmanned platforms

UVID 2018 Conference: Unmanned Systems in New Domains

UVID 2018 exhibition hall (Photo: Ronen Topelberg)

Over 2000 people from around the world attended UVID 2018 – the 7th International Conference on Unmanned Vehicles, which took place Thursday at the Avenue Conventions and Events Center in Airport City, Israel.

An initiative of IsraelDefense, the UVID conference is the foremost meeting place for all stakeholders in the field of unmanned vehicles in Israel, attended by leading Israeli and international players. Among the high-profile visitors this year was Nadav Argaman, Director of the Israel Security Agency.

Throughout the day, attendees enjoyed fascinating lectures from leading experts and senior officials in the field of unmanned vehicles.

“The UAV array in the Israeli Air Force is growing steadily. Today, two-thirds of all operational flights in the force are carried out by unmanned vehicles,” said Brig. Gen. Nimrod Shifroni of the IAF in his address. “We have learned to connect an aerial force to every ground force operating in the field. Near or far, no IDF ground unit operates without an aerial escort.”

Lt. Col. Reut Rettig-Weiss, Commander of the "Sky Rider" Unit in the IDF Artillery Corps, offered a glimpse into the activities of her unit, which operates the Skylark UAV in a variety of missions.

Rear Adm. (res.) Yaron Levy, EVP Naval, UAS & ISTAR Systems at Elbit talked about unmanned platforms in the marine theater. According to him, progress in the field of unmanned vessels in the naval arena is impressive, albeit quite slow as naval forces are usually more conservative.

Ms. Rachel Chen, Head of the Defense Export Control Agency at Israel’s MoD, spoke of the trends in the supervision of unmanned systems from Israel.

Conference Chair, Mr. Alon Unger, addressed the new domains unmanned vehicles are entering.

Lt. Col. Menachem Landau, Head of the UAV Branch at the Aeronautical Division of IMOD’s DDR&D, provided some details on a number of current R&D projects in the field.

Mr. Brendan Schulman, VP Policy & Legal Affairs at DJI, addressed the future of drones, specifically how technology and innovation will help solve UAV policy changes.

A comprehensive exhibition was held alongside the conference, displaying unmanned systems and supportive measures in the land, naval and aerial theaters. Among the leading companies that took part in the event were IAI, Elbit Systems, Orbit, CTI, Elul Technologies, Airbus, Aeronautics, BlueBird Aero Systems, Steadicopter, Percepto, and many more.


Photography: Ronen Topelberg

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