"Russian hackers got U.S. cyber defense details from NSA"

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Russian government-backed hackers stole details on cyber security from the NSA in 2015. sources told the newspaper the theft was not discovered until spring 2016

Illustration: Bigstock

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Russian government-backed hackers stole U.S. secrets on penetrating foreign computer networks and protecting against cyber attacks after a hacking into the home computer of an NSA contractor put highly classified information there. According to unidentified sources, the hacking occurred in 2015.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the contractor used a popular antivirus software by Russia-based Kaspersky Lab that may have made it possible for the hackers to identify and target the contractor’s files. The theft was not discovered until the spring of 2016, said the newspaper. Experts told the newspaper that this is one of the most significant security breaches in recent years.

Some sources told the Wall Street Journal that the theft also includes details on how the NSA defends networks in the United States.

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