New Israeli Pepper Spray Gun

The new pepper spray gun is already in use by the Israel Police, Prison Service and Ministry of Defense, as well as in most US law enforcement agencies


Photo Credit: Piko

The Piko Company of Israel, specializing in self-defense solutions, has recently started marketing its new non-lethal pepper spray gun in Israel and around the world. The gun utilizes the proprietary pepper spray by the Sabre Red Company and serves as a deterrent opposite violent attackers, rioters or challengers by promptly neutralizing the subject, when required, from an effective range of up to three meters, for a period of 20 to 40 minutes.

The Piko spray gun is non-lethal and simple to use owing to an intuitive method of operation. It has a quick-release, push-button type safety and a textured trigger to prevent slippage. The spray gun fits in the palm of the hand, weighs only 65 grams (including a gas cylinder) and was designed for multiple, economical use.

The new pepper spray gun is already in use by the Israel Police, Prison Service and Ministry of Defense, most US law enforcement agencies and in 40 countries worldwide. The Sabre Red Company are the US distributors along with famed firearms manufacturer Ruger. According to Moti Wigelman, Piko's CEO, "Our spray gun serves as a deterrent for security and law enforcement personnel and provides them with the ability to promptly neutralize and disable various threats. The Piko pepper spray gun will restore their confidence, ensure the personal safety and security of the people around them and prevent incidents from escalating, by preventing any lethal effects and irreversible damage to the attacker or the surroundings."

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