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    Indian PM Narendra Modi and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu during Modi's visit to Israel (Photo: AP)

    A Cold Wind from India Threatens Indo-Israeli Defense Ties

    The optimism that blossomed after Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Israel might soon be replaced by concerns among the Israeli defense industries. Also, what will be the future of the Israeli space program and what lessons must be learned from the Hebron shooting incident? Amir Rapaport's weekly column

    "We Firmly Believe in Robotic Vehicles"

    A fascinating exclusive interview with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Rafi Maor, about the Company's development trends, about future military and civil technologies and about IAI's planned Initial Public Offering

    Underground Maneuvering

    Against the background of the operation in Gaza, and following a large-scale infiltration attempt through a tunnel Thursday morning, we go back to the special analysis by Col. (res.) Atai Shelach on the need to understand the subterranean medium

    Smuggling tunnel in Gaza (Photo: AP)

    "Aliens" Maneuvering Underground

    Underground enemy cities - is one of the challenges with which the IDF will cope in the future. Col. (res.) Atai Shelach, formerly commander of the IDF's YAHALOM Unit and currently Director of HLS & Land Systems at Defensive Shield Holdings, on the need to understand the subterranean medium


    New Iranian Missile Base

    Military commentators tell British Telegraph that recently revealed satellite photography exposes a site suspected as being a ballistic missile test base