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    "Iran is still our Most Substantial Defense Challenge"

    Maj. Gen. (res.) Amos Gilad, Director of Policy and Political-Military Affairs at IMOD, in a fascinating interview – the developments in the Middle East in 2015, the religious war that has reached Europe, the possibility that Mahmoud Abbas may bow out and a regional forecast for 2016

    עוזי נבון, מנכ"ל אורקל ישראל

    אורקל חידשה חוזה עם משרד הביטחון בהיקף של כ-35 מיליוני דולרים

    "ההסכם החדש עם אורקל מביא לידי ביטוי שותפות בת עשרות שנים, ויאפשר למערכת הביטחון לקבל באופן שוטף את הפתרונות המתקדמים והגמישים שמספקת חברת אורקל", אמר אליעזר (איקו) חסון, סגן בכיר לרכש תקשוב ומודיעין במנהל הרכש (מנה"ר) במשרד הביטחון

    Censorship Instead of a Ban

    Former Chief Censor, Brig. Gen. (res.) Sima Vaknin-Gil in an exclusive end-of-tenure interview: about the leaks during Operation Protective Edge and about the plan she had formulated that attempts to adapt the Israeli Military Censor’s office to the era of free information  

    Gaddafi's Mental Follies and Megalomania

    The chaos in Libya pursuant to Muammar Gaddafi's toppling has sharpened the dilemma: what is preferable for the Middle East – the stable regime of a tyrant or the disintegration of states even through a process of severe violence

    Photo: IDF

    On the Way to the Tunnels

    Israel Defense correspondent Or Heller went out to search for underground cross-border tunnels in the Gaza Strip with a tank crew from the IDF 401st Armored Brigade  

    Photo: Meir Azulay

    "The Middle East Faces a New Arms Race"

    An exclusive, fascinating interview with Ram Ben-Barak, Director General of the Ministry for Intelligence Affairs, about the implications of the agreement with Iran, the Sunni-Shi'ite war and the difficulties encountered by Hezbollah and his own aspirations to become the next Director of the Mossad

    Go in, Kill Some Terrorists, Get out

    On the Fifth Anniversary of the Second Lebanon War: Chapter 15 in Fire on Our Forces by Amir Rapaport: "How we failed ourselves in the Second Lebanon War." A minute by minute account of how the war broke out. A special IsraelDefense project