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    The reactor of Bushehr nuclear plant, Iran (Photo: AP)

    The Road to Perdition: Iran's Nuclear Program

    Although Iran has been complying with its commitments according to the nuclear agreement for the time being, its current conduct suggests that it retains the option of renewing the military nuclear program

    US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo: US Embassy in Israel)

    Fixing the World: Averting Another Decline and Fall

    In the incoherent "Trump Era," US foreign policy must resist expanding national insularity, focusing instead on worldwide community and global interconnections. American results will also impact Israeli security and survival. Opinion

    (Photo: Ofer Zidon)

    Sting Like a Bee, Land on the Back

    Is Israel developing UAV cargo carriers and platforms that can stay aloft a week at a time? Are there new UAVs powered by solar energy and fuel cells? Will intelligence gathering UAVs shrink to miniature sizes?

    IAF helicopter (Photo: IDF)

    The Second Lebanon War - the Aerial Perspective

    At the end of the Second Lebanon War, the general impression was that only the IAF met expectations. The conclusions and lessons from the war during which the IAF executed 19,000 sorties in 34 days of fighting

    King Salman's Saudi Arabia – Between Continuity & Change

    The expansion of ISIS, the Iranian nuclear program and the fighting in Syria – the Saudi Kingdom faces numerous challenges. Haim Tomer, formerly a senior Mossad officer, attempts to draw the roadmap of King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, who currently concludes his first year in office

    Uyghur Turks protesting, waving Turkish and East Turkestan flags (Photo: AP)

    The East Turkestan Islamic Movement

    In President Erdogan’s mind, the Turkish break-through operations in Syria, designed to unite the Sunni and the Turkmen-Uyghur worlds, will be the "centre of gravity" of the new war. Special analysis by Prof. Giancarlo Elia Valori