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    Photo: IDF

    A Measurable War Opposite Terrorism

    The IDF Ground Arm realized that their combat doctrine was no longer relevant for the modern battlefield. Consequently, a program was initiated with the intention of returning the element of surprise to the IDF

    In Obama’s Hands

    The USA government is trying to adjust the defense budget to the force build-up plans. Colonel (res.) Yitzhak Elimelech about the coming year in the offices of the Pentagon

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    Exposed on the High Seas

    The 'Achilles' Heel' of every aircraft carrier is its inherent vulnerability. It weighs 100,000 tons, carries 60 to 80 aircraft and is difficult to conceal or defend. So, how do you protect it against hostile attacks on the maritime battlefield?

    'We are preparing for the worst'

    Israel's Minister of Homefront Defense Major General (Ret.) Matan Vilnai, has taken six years to deal with the lessons of the Second Lebanon War. 'The homefront has become like any other front. Its resilience will determine success in the next war,' he says

    A 1916 map of the Middle East showing French (“A”) and British (“B”) areas of control, according to the Sykes-Picot agreement (Photo: nybooks)

    A Century since the Sykes-Picot Agreement: Current Challenges

    INSS researchers analyze the historical agreement from three different angles: from its origins and key features, through its legal relevance, to the possibility of a similar agreement in the future

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    האיום הגרעיני של קוריאה הצפונית – יותר סימני שאלה מתשובות

    חרף התרברבות פיונגיאנג על פיתוח יכולות למזער נשק גרעיני ולשגר טילים בליסטיים מתוך צוללות, עדיין קיימים סימני שאלה לגבי סטטוס תכנית הגרעין שלה. אך גם יש להציב סימן שאלה לגבי התמודדות ארה"ב עם התכנית, כאשר זו תבשיל לאיום ממשי

    (Photo Credit: Boeing)

    The Next Generation of IAF's OrBat?

    From new heavy-lift helicopters to the next generation of the veteran F-15 fighter jet – the Israeli Air Force is looking toward a possible upgraded order of battle