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    צילום: ישראל דיפנס

    הגז ממאגר לוויתן יגיע לישראל ב-2019

    היעד הוא להביא גז ממאגר לוויתן לישראל בשנת 2019 – הכריז מנכ"ל דלק קידוחים יוסי אבו בהרצאתו בכנס חדרה אנרג'יטק וישראל דיפנס בתל אביב

    Is the Sony Hack the Dawn of Cyber Deterrence?

    In cyberspace, actors are usually not deterred as a result of the difficulty in determining the perpetrator behind a cyberattack, which, in its turn, makes retaliation difficult. Ram Levi believes that when the United States blamed North Korea for the attack on Sony and retaliated, they may have changed the rules of the game

    About the Nature of Cyber Warfare

    What is Cyber Warfare? What is a Cyber Warfare Event? Major Gen. (Ret.) Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel in an exclusive article about the latest studies in this field that attempt to chart the medium which has evolved into a substantial element of our life

    An undated photo of Egypt's nuclear research center in Inshas (Photo: AP)

    Egypt and the Nuclear Option

    Egypt is now possibly pursuing its own civilian nuclear option, amid fears of a nuclear arms race between Iran and its regional Sunni rivals. Dr. Shaul Shay argues that a success of the negotiations with Iran could resolve one of the most intractable geopolitical problems of the 21st century, but failure might plunge the Middle East into conflict

    Brig. Gen. Danny Bren (Photo: Meir Azulay)

    "C4I is Shaping the Operational Reality"

    Exclusive interview with the commander of the Lotem Unit at the IDF C4I Directorate, Brig. Gen. Danny Bren, about all the development trends associated with computers and communication in the IDF

    A New Reality Meets an Old Obstacle

    The ground obstacle system along the border with Syria has been upgraded, but it is still inadequate in view of the new defense challenges. The former commander of the IDF YAHALOM Unit, Col. (res.) Atai Shelach, discusses the required solutions