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    Deployment of the Aluma system (Photo: IDF)

    Technology-Based Spotting of Trapped Individuals

    IDF Home Front Command and IAI/ELTA are developing a system for spotting trapped individuals by locating their cellular phone signal. The system will enable rescuers to spot trapped individuals within a radius of 150 meters while providing them with an indication of the trapped individual's precise location and depth  

    President Trump (Photo: AP(

    Will President Trump "Rip Up" the Iranian Nuclear Agreement

    Iran occasionally conducts itself contrary to its commitments subject to the JCPOA agreement, and its policy in the Middle East, as well as its ballistic missile program, contradict the spirit of that agreement. Consequently, specifically against the background of the nuclear threat of Pyongyang, President Trump may not recertify the agreement with Iran on October 15

    Operation Protective Edge – What is Next?

    Operation Protective Edge left a mark not just with regard to the operational-military aspect, but with regard to the collective national mood as well. Brig. Gen. (res.) Atai Shelach offers solutions for the civilian and military challenges of the next round of fighting

    Record, Process & Analyze

    The video source market has been developing at a mind-boggling pace in recent years, but Israel Rom believes that several substantial challenges must be overcome first in order to fulfill the expectations of the HLS world

    התרסה צפון קוריאנית מול אוזלת יד מערבית

    בהצהרתה של קוריאה הצפונית על הניסוי הגרעיני היא מבקשת להוכיח כי אף היא מעצמה גרעינית. אך טענתה כי הניסוי היה מימני אינה עולה בקנה אחד עם עוצמתו הנמוכה יחסית של הפיצוץ, שהייתה בסדר גודל של פצצה גרעינית רגילה. פרשנות