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    Stabilized remote-controlled weapon station 6S21 in Russia (Photo: Bigstock)

    Persistent Area Surveillance for the City Streets

    Terrorist attacks staged in the municipal domain raise the question of how Israel should cope with civilians evolving into "momentary terrorists" and managing to reach the city streets. Technological solutions for neutralizing those terrorists include Stationary Remotely-Controlled Weapon Station systems

    From the Satellite to the Ground Troops

    The IAI Land Systems Chief Coordinator, Maj. Gen. (res.) Eyal Ben-Reuven, reveals the Company’s strategy regarding the land market and the project of the next self-propelled artillery gun of the IDF

    Credit: Israel Aerospace Industries

    IAI to launch the Eros-C Satellite in 2019

    ImageSat CEO Noam Segal expects the Eros-C high-resolution optical Earth imaging satellite to launch in 2019. He adds that militaries are interested in satellite imagery for counterterrorism operations in addition to the 'classic' military intelligence