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    צילום: חברת ESET

    גרסאות חדשות לתוכנות האבטחה הביתיות של ESET

    חברת ESET, מפתחת האנטי וירוס NOD32 וחברת האבטחה החמישית בגודלה בעולם, מכריזה החל מסוף אוקטובר על השקת גרסאות חדשות למוצרי האבטחה שלה לשוק הביתי ובראשן חבילת האבטחה החדשה ESET Internet Security

    A damaged house in the Israeli city of Netivot following a direct hit by a rocket fired from Gaza (Photo: IDF)

    National Resilience at the Home Front – Stability at the Front Line

    The structural evolution of the nature of modern war calls for the consolidation and institutionalization of a comprehensive home front security concept as part of the required national security doctrine

    French President Francois Hollande with the Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi (Photo: AP)

    The Strategic Alliance between Egypt and France

    Following President Hollande's visit to Egypt and other Middle East countries, Col. (res.) Dr. Shaul Shay discusses the relationship between the two countries, with an emphasis on military cooperation

    Surrounded by Fences

    The IDF finds its units operating more and more along the border fence systems. The price could be poor preparedness for deep incursion operations in the event of a large-scale conflict. How can this be prevented? An analysis by Col. (Res.) Atai Shelach

    Photo: Meir Azulay

    "Face-to-Face, the IDF had the Upper Hand"

    Senior officers from the southern IDF divisions in a preliminary conclusion of Operation Protective Edge: the excellent intelligence, the house-to-house fighting and the consciousness achievement of Hamas. Exclusive

    Iranian Revulotionary Guard (Photo: AP)

    "Janus Faced" - Iran’s Two Faces

    As an antithesis to the face smiling at the West, Iran still pursues its anti-western activities and continues to support terrorism - which face represents the real Iran?

    Illustration: Bigstock

    Locating Missing Persons with Rotorcraft

    The activity of locating missing persons using the latest technologies of rotorcraft and remote sensing includes such features as new applications and state-of-the-art algorithms for imagery interpretation. However, patience remains the most important attribute for this activity  

    Joseph Weiss, IAI President & CEO

    IAI: Increase in Backlog

    IAI's financial statements for the year 2013 shows record sales of USD 3.6 billion in 2013, representing a 9% growth compared to 2012

    Covering Your Tracks

    The elite “Rimon” unit participates in a unique series of exercises aimed at enhancing their geological understanding and nocturnal navigation of the desert. A rare glimpse into this unit’s unique operational training