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    The Objective: Defending Energy Sources

    The discovery of oil and gas reserves positioned the task of defending the “exclusive economic zone” as a top priority. Rafael has consolidated a holistic defensive concept for the naval arena to suit these scenarios. Exclusive interview

    "Out with the Old, In with the New"

    Israel's air arm helps uphold national security in all theaters of operations, from north to south – near and far. Brig. Gen. (ret.) Ephraim Segoli about the challenges facing IAF and the future of Israel's air power OrBat. Exclusive

    נימוסים והליכות בחלל

    בשנים האחרונות מנסות מעצמות החלל לסכם דרכי התנהגות בשמיים מעל. האם יש לראות בחלל זירת לחימה ככל זירת לחימה אחרת? והאם ועד איזו מידה ניתן להגביל את השימוש הצבאי בחלל ולמנוע הצבת מערכות נשק וחימוש? לקראת כנס "סייבר וביטחון בחלל" שייערך ביום שלישי

    Thirty Years Since the Bombing of the Iraqi Reactor

    The Mossad’s preemptive sabotage of the Iraqi nuclear reactor, Iraqi paper currency scattered to the wind, and ensuring that the head of military intelligence knew nothing of the impending attack. This is the untold story of the bombing of the Iraqi reactor.

    IAF's Mirage fighter jet (Photo: IAF Archive)

    50 Years since the Six-Day War and the Remarkable Operation Moked

    Hundreds of enemy aircraft were destroyed in their bases at the outset of the Six-Day War in 1967, in an unprecedented operation that is still being taught in air force academies worldwide. IAF pilots share their stories from the critical hours that decided the outcome of the war

    Future Wars

    Airport shutdown? A nation-wide power cutoff? These are just two likely scenarios in the event of a massive cyber attack. Ram Levi participated in the cybernetic warfare simulation and lived to tell the tale. Exclusive

    Kaspersky: "I Have Never Met Putin"

    "Israeli government entities who want to, could check our source code for themselves and visit our offices in Russia in order to see that we have no contact with the Russian government," said Eugene Kaspersky in response to the Bloomberg article, as part of a casual interview we conducted with him at CyberTech 2015. "The international cooperation is far more important than the attempts to politicize cyber"

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    Towards UVID 2017 Conference: Modern-Day UAS

    In anticipation of the Sixth International UVID Conference on unmanned systems to be held on Thursday at the Avenue Convention Center, a special review by Conference Chairman Alon Unger of the primary characteristics of the new era in the UAS field