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    CIA: Iran Expanded its Nuclear Program in 2011

    In a recent report presented before the US Congress, the CIA noted that despite sanctions, Iran is continuing to enrich uranium at a low level approaching 20%. Tehran is also continuing to develop its missile program for various ranges

    Barak-8 Air & Missile Defense System Successfully Tested

    IAI and the Israeli Ministry of Defense conducted a successful test of the Barak-8 Air & Missile Defense System: The weapon system calculated the optimal interception point, launched the Barak-8 missile into its operational trajectory that acquired the target, and successfully intercepted it

    Egyptian and Russian paratroopers ahead of a joint exercise (Photo Credit: Russian Ministry of Defence)

    Egyptian Paratroopers to Train with Ratnik-3 Combat Gear

    During a joint military exercise with Russia slated for September 2017, Egyptian airborne units will examine the advanced Russian-made Ratnik-3 infantry combat system

    "Operating in all Arenas"

    Aitech marks 30 years of operation. CEO Dany Kord: "The feeling is that every year the competition in the global defense market becomes more difficult"

    Iran’s Strategy Is Working

    Senior Israeli officials are expressing concern over a possible agreement between Iran and other world nations: “Iran is successfully fooling the whole world and avoiding further sanctions – without giving up its nuclear program”

    Iran Rejects Western Proposal

    Following a report published over the weekend by the “New York Times” outlining the conditions US President Barack Obama will demand of Iran regarding its nuclear program, Iran announced it will not halt nuclear production