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    Bulldozers and trucks work on an upgrade project for the Suez Canal (Photo: AP)

    The Suez Canal Axis Development Project

    Nearly 150 years after its completion, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi announced the new Suez Canal project to dig a 72-kilometre canal alongside the original, which is still vital, and vulnerable, to this date. Dr. Shaul Shay offers a comprehensive review of the project

    Midnight Express

    The gunmen who ambushed him; his friendship with Nasrallah and Khamenei; the technologies he helped to develop - The complete story behind the life and death of Hassan al-Laqqis, the senior Hezbollah commander gunned down in Beirut

    (Photo: Elbit Systems)

    Vehicles and Systems

    Airborne recording systems, electro-mechanical and electro-optical systems, aircraft wings and smart helmets: a review of Israel's avionics industry and airborne systems

    The Generals' Vehicle

    IDF Senior officers examined a new field vehicle by Navistar, which is intended for complex missions and is competing in a tender by the US Special Operations Command