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    OPTSAT 3000 (Photo: IAI)

    From Kourou to Outer Space

    Two satellites by the IAI will be launched during 2016 by a European company, from the island of Kourou in French Guinea

    MBT Space Division

    A leading supplier of wide-ranging air defense systems to global forces such as the Israeli Defense Forces, IAI s MBT Space Division develops, produces and supplies field-proven Very Short Ranged Air Defense (VSHORAD) solutions. These MBT solutions ensure the air defense superiority of the armed forces utilizing them, taking advantage of unique integration of missiles and sensors with cutting-edge electro-optic equipment as well as unique air defense command control and communications networked systems.

    MBT Space Division

    IAI s MBT Space Division sees the design, development and manufacture of numerous weapon systems and platforms, with the MBT produced LAHAT long-range tube-launched laser guided weaponry system among them.
    A lightweight and small sized anti-armor / anti-helicopter multi-purpose weapon system, the cost-effective LAHAT provides pinpoint accuracy, an effective warhead as well as steep impact angle for increased kill probability, designed for both day and night operations, adding significant strike capability to small recon platforms.

    The Fifth Fighting Space

    What is Israel’s current position in cyberwarfare and where is Israel headed? Ram Levi, former secretary of the National Cybernetic Taskforce, outlines the National Cyber Directorate (NCD) approved by the Israeli Cabinet

    A Black Hole in the Islamic Space

    Like a black hole that swallows everything around it, Iran aspires to swallow the countries surrounding it and reestablish the Persian Empire “from India even unto Ethiopia”. How will the world in general, and Israel in particular, respond?Iran is like a black hole. What is the right response?