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    The Iranian UAV Industry is Booming

    The tendency to regard reports of modern Iranian-made weapon systems as "merely a whim and PR spectacle" notwithstanding, the Iranian UAV industry succeeds in developing vehicles that are worthy of more serious consideration

    Photography: Missile Test Unit, Celia Garion

    What Lies Ahead for the IAF Missile Test Unit?

    The Missile Test Unit in the Israeli Air Force is in charge of testing all of the IDF's aerial defense systems and launching Israeli satellites into space. As part of the IDF's Gideon multi-year plan, the unit is currently undergoing an outsourcing process that will last throughout 2017


    Is the US Global Military Posture at Risk?

    In a congressional hearing on the US defense budget Monday, the US Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff depicted an alarming scenario for Israeli decision makers: "Without sufficient funding, we will lose our ability to meet our alliance commitments"

    AMOS-E Satellite (Credit: Israel Aerospace Industries)

    IAI is developing a light-weight communications satellite: the AMOS-E

    The AMOS-E weighs about half the weight of other communications satellites in the market today. The company is also set to build several new observation satellites, including the commercial EROS C, an extremely high-resolution electro-optic satellite