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    “The next space battle will take place on the ground”

    Most attacks on space systems are carried out from the ground and include cyber-attacks against ground stations controlling espionage and communication satellites. The Yuval Ne'eman Workshop at Tel Aviv University will attempt to deal with these threats, which are directed at Israel

    Photo: Elbit Systems

    C3 Systems in the Municipal Space

    The civilian space has become a part of the battlefield in the last few decades. The differentiation between the frontline and the rear area becomes blurred as technologies originally intended for frontline warfighters are adopted by municipal leaders

    Vulnerable in Space

    Approximately one thousand military and civilian satellites orbit the planet, all of which are likely targets for a concerted cyber-attack. Ram Levi and Tal Dekel offer a glimpse at the far-off silent war

    Photo: AP

    Turkey to Launch National Space Agency

    The Turkish government has finalized a draft bill for the launching of the country’s first space agency. The bill has been submitted to parliament for debate and vote