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    The Final Frontier (Photo: Amit Bar-Yosef)

    Making a Case for Space

    Israel must lead in space exploration for maintaining its qualitative military edge, for national prestige, for promoting technological innovation and for leading humanity in pushing the boundaries of the next frontier

    Rafael Enters the “New Space”

    Rafael decided to engage in the development of a final product in the form of a constellation of small satellites used for photo-surveillance or communication, and are even talking about applying a business model of space services. Exclusive interview

    A satellite dish stands damaged after at least two rocket propelled grenades slammed into a compound housing the country's main satellite earth station in the Maadi district of Cairo, Oct. 7, 2013 (AP Photo/Hamada Elrasam)

    Egypt Wishes to Join the "Space Club"

    As the Egyptian President is working towards signing a deal with Thales Alenia Space to purchase an observation satellite and a military telecommunications satellite, Dr. Shaul Shay offers a review of the Egyptian space program. Will Egypt join Israel in the "Space Club"?

    Charting the Future of Outer Space

    What does the future hold in store with regard to outer space? At the Fisher Institute’s 10th Ilan Ramon International Space Conference, a group of experts attempted to answer this question. A sneak peek into a very special symposium

    Manners in Space

    Over the past few years, the space superpowers have tried to decide on the proper etiquette for behavior in the skies. Should space be considered a combat arena like all other arenas? Can military use of space be limited, and to what degree? Can the positioning of weapon and armament systems be prevented?

    The Race for Space Intelligence

    Israel is leading the world space industry alongside the USA and Europe. An exclusive interview with the people at IAI charged with the task of keeping Israel one step ahead