Poland Bolsters Defense with Dozens of Rosomak IFVs Equipped with Israeli Spike ATGMs

This is the second contract under the framework agreement that provides 341 Rosomak IFVs with ZSSW-30 remote-controlled weapon stations

Polish Army Adds Dozens of Rosomak IFVs with Spike ATGMs

Photo: Rafael website

The Polish Armament Agency signed a contract valued at approximately €610 million euros for the delivery of 58 Rosomak infantry fighting vehicles equipped with Israeli Rafael's Spike LR anti-tank guided missiles earlier this month. Deliveries are scheduled between 2026 and 2027.

According to Armyrecognition.com, this agreement marks the second contract under a framework agreement with several Polish defense companies, providing 341 Rosomak IFVs equipped with ZSSW-30 remote-controlled weapon stations. The first contract, signed two years ago in July 2022, was worth approximately 400 million euros and covered the production and delivery of 70 turret systems for the 8×8 Rosomak IFVs. Deliveries of the ZSSW-30 systems to the Polish Armed Forces are ongoing and will continue as scheduled until 2027.

Earlier this year, the Polish military unveiled an advanced version of the Rosomak 8×8 multi-role vehicle, based on Patria’s AMV product family, equipped with the ZSSW-30 remote-controlled turret system featuring Israeli Rafael's Spike missile launcher.

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