US Completes Gaza Pier Construction, Starts Delivering Aid

The initial goal is to unload 500 tons of humanitarian aid per day

US Completes Gaza Pier Construction, Starts Delivering Aid

Photo: CENTCOM - X (Twitter)

The US CENTCOM completed the construction of the temporary humanitarian aid pier off the coast of the Gaza Strip, and began delivering aid on Friday.  

“This unique logistics capability facilitates the delivery of lifesaving humanitarian aid enabling a shared service for the international community to use to serve the people of Gaza,” CENTCOM announced in a tweet.”

This morning (Monday), CENTCOM posted several new photos of aid being transferred through the pier, and wrote that its personnel “continue to support USAID in the delivery of humanitarian assistance into Gaza.”

The US aims to unload about 90 trucks of aid daily during the initial phase – about 500 tons, and then increase the number to 150 daily. 

The total cost of building the pier is estimated at $320 million. Some 1000 US servicemen and women participated in the task, which began in late April. 

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